GARNET MARTMAG VENTURES was established in 1998 by Mrs. Margaret Asante Oti-Mensah as MARTMAG VENTURES. The main objectives of the company were to publish books, provide catering services and undertake general trading. The company registered as a limited liability entity with two Directors namely Margaret Asante Oti-Mensah and Martin Asante Oti-Mensah at the Registrar General’s Department in July 2005. MARTMAG VENTURES became GARNET MARTMAG VENTURES on the 28th August 2013 with growth and expansion in scope in the operations and the need of the Company to reach out to larger and diverse clients.

GARNET MARTMAG VENTURES has been a known player in the publication of educational materials over the years and has over hundred books and other learning materials to its credit. The company has made a tremendous impact in the publishing and supply of textbook in Catering, French and Ghanaian Languages at the Primary and Junior High School Levels, the areas where many publishers do not focus.

The Company is noted for re-branding educational institutions through the provision of Customized Exercise Books and other Paraphernalia. The Company has partnered Ministry of Education, Embassies and other institutions and individuals to supply Textbooks and Teachers’ Guides to Schools in Northern, Upper East, Upper West Eastern, Greater Accra, Central and Western and Volta Regions of Ghana.


A world in which children and youth fluently read, write, and speak native and French languages; and gain competencies in catering and basic design for positive change and development.


Empowering children and youth to reach their full potential in the reading, writing and speaking of native and French languages and ability to provide basic design and catering services in the future.

The mission of GARNET MARTMAG VENTURES is to create the interest in the reading, writing and speaking of native languages among the youth and children and French as foreign language. The mission is also to provide competencies in lesser taught and unfamiliar subjects such as catering and basic design where the youth find them difficult to obtain reading materials. This to break limitations laid on the studying of our local languages in schools due to the dominance of the English as language of instruction in our educational system.


  • To ensure that schools and libraries purchase and make good use of our books and other publications.
  • To empower young readers to read story books with in their native languages.
  • To get assessments such as quizzes conducted and evaluated in our local languages as well as French in schools.
  • To assure high performance of children and youth in catering and basic design in our school system and life.
  • To extensively advertise our products among children, youth, libraries and educational institutions in Ghana and beyond.